Catalogue American Environmentalism - Jan 1, 2020 - by Casey S. Schroeder.


I here intend to give the grounds on which a libertarian may defend the governments role in protecting the land, water, and air from destruction. This is no simple task. Our forefathers, whose work is the foundation on which most American-Libertarian theory is based, were not in a position to appreciate what would become of our earth 250 years later. They were very concerned with structuring a government 'by the people, for the people'; they were very concerned to avoid a State which would infringe upon the rights of its citizens for causes which were not the people's own; and were concerned to lay the groundwork for a free-market economy with upward mobility. It would not be until the time of Teddy Roosevelt that there would be sufficient appreciation of the destruction to the earth enabled by technology, at least among 'The White Man', to do anything about it at all.

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God came into my life literally two months ago and boy did it hurt. I don't believe all that crap about God carrying us our whole lives and we just don't realize it 'til we're older. Sure, I knew he/she/it was hanging around, but I didn't let him in. I fought tooth and nail not to let him in. And you know what, I don't regret that either. I don't think you're really human if you don't fight him. I mean that. And oddly enough, I wouldn't have the confidence to say that if he hadn't come into my life. I mean that too. But now that he's in my life, I have to say, I think he is kind of nuts. I mean, he wants me to write a memoir. A memoir entails people and places and events and all I can see is a storm of blowback. Sure he's not so stupid as to let me make a mess that he has to clean up alone. But still, the only thing I can take from this is that he thinks the whole world is such a mess anyhow that we have to try something. So I guess that's what I'm here to do. Why not?

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The Death of Monsieur Bourbaki - April 19, 2016 - by Casey S. Schroeder.


Follows the life of an exotic academic as he pushed and pulled by the intelligentsia operating – of course – in the shadows. Half satire and half fantasy, it depicts the difficulty of finding and respecting the truth.

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The Sevilla Trinity - Feb 10, 2014 - by Casey S. Schroeder.


This first book in The Spanish Trinity depicts the struggle to maintain a religious identity, in both a serious and comical light. Set in Sevilla, Spain, it is three diverse stories united by themes of personal integrity, religious conflict, and Spanish-American relations, from a Spanish-Catholic perspective.

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The Alhambra Trinity - Feb 18, 2015 - by Casey S. Schroeder.


This second book in The Spanish Trinity highlights the intersection of religions within the city of Granada, with its Moorish roots and predominantly Catholic citizens, as it enters a new age. It is also three stories, written from an Spanish-Muslim perspective.

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